Observation & Conferences

Parents are invited to observe Playschool activities at their convenience. It is desirable that they do so at least once during the school year so that they may see their child in the Playschool setting.

Conferences between the parents and teachers are scheduled during the school year. At this time, parents can help by giving the child’s impression of school, stating any specific problems which may have arisen, and telling of changes in the home environment which may affect the child’s reaction to school. The teacher will be ready to share information about the child’s relationship with the other children and with the teacher, his or her effort and cooperation, participation in activities, contributions to discussions, self-control, respect for property of others and general developmental progress.

Conferences for all Pre-3, 3, and 4K children are scheduled in January or February. Special conferences may be called by the teacher at any time.

Parents are requested to call the teacher at any time they feel the need for a conference. Parents are also asked to notify the teacher any time there is a change in the home routine or environment which may affect the child’s reaction to school.