Admission Requirements

Health Forms
It is a state requirement that all children who are enrolled in the Greendale Playschool for the first time must have a health examination no earlier than one year before and no later than three months after the opening of school. Forms are available for the physician to fill out will be given to parents at registration. The completed forms should be sent to the child’s teacher before school starts. Please note: Children beginning a third year at Greendale Playschool also need a new health form.

Age Requirements
Age requirements are similar to those of the public schools. Children must be three or four on or before September 1. Children turning three between September 1 and November 30 are eligible for the Pre-3 program.

Special Needs
Greendale Playschool is an inclusive environment designed to include children with a variety of needs and learning styles. Individual consideration will be given to children with special needs prior to enrollment so please contact us with your questions. The teacher and the board members reserve the right to recommend the withdrawal of any child who may not be benefitting from the environment we offer. Because we want the best for your child, due consideration will be given to such a matter and consultation will be arranged with a parent prior to any action.

Toilet-training Requirements
Greendale Playschool is not sanctioned by the state of Wisconsin to change diapers or pull-ups, so all children must be able to use the bathroom independently.

“The warmth and guidance you’ve given to our daughter really shows in her lessons, art, and personality. Thank you for touching her so positively. Her sister can’t wait to be in class.”
Greendale Playschool Parent