School Philosophy

Our school philosophy is to promote the welfare of all children, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or background, by establishing and maintaining a nonprofit, nonsectarian preschool for the purpose of providing a safe and welcoming introduction to education.

Drawing from the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff, we have mindfully constructed three unique and age appropriate programs to meet the needs of families in our surrounding communities.

Opinions vary on the approach used to introduce preschool-aged children to school. We pride ourselves on staying current with the most recent studies about how play-based education enhances learning for preschoolers and reflect those changes in our curriculum.

“I really can’t thank you enough for all you are to our son – you have made his first school experience such a positive one – I love how you are with him (and how you were to all my kids). He feels so good about his abilities and himself with you, and you were so good about presenting academics in a fun and non-threatening way. Thanks for all you do!”
Greendale Playschool Parent