Board of Directors

Greendale Playschool is governed by its Board of Directors. A group of eight volunteer parents sit on the Board each year. All volunteers serve two-year terms.

CHAIRPERSON: The Chairperson administers the Playschool operation, coordinates the work of the board members, and presides at all meetings.

VICE CHAIRPERSON: The Vice Chairperson coordinates school enrollment. In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson performs the duties of the Chairperson.   Contact e-mail:

SECRETARY: The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of all meetings.

TREASURER: The Treasurer accepts all tuition and school income. This individual works closely with the bookkeeper in developing the budget and prepares financial reports for each board meeting.  Contact e-mail:

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Members-At-Large contribute to decision makingand policy changes at board meetings and handle the following assignments: Assistant to the Vice Chairperson, Fundraising, Hospitality, and Publicity.

Each year, the new board member nominees are chosen by the existing Board. New board members with time, interest and enthusiasm are needed. Parents who would like to volunteer to serve on the Board or would like to submit a name to the Board are asked to submit a letter of interest to the Board Chairperson prior to March 1. The entire parent body elects the new board members at Playschool’s Annual Business Meeting.