Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The school is located within the Greendale Community Church at 6015 Clover Lane, Greendale, WI 53129.


Are you affiliated with the church that the school is in?

The school leases its space and has no affiliation with the church.


What is the background of the teachers?

Greendale Playschool proudly employs all college-degreed teaching professionals. Our teachers bring with them years of commitment and an invaluable variety of experiences.


What is the focus of your preschool – academic, social?

Greendale Playschool’s focus is learning through academics and play. Socialization and beginning experiences with science, math, letters & sounds, and basic readiness are integral parts of our teaching process.


What is a typical day like?

The basic class structure for all of our classes is similar, however, a typical day would depend on the program in which your child is enrolled. Each class session is divided into three areas: activity time, group time and variety time. Children learn basic skills and knowledge through weekly themed activities.


How many children in each class?

The program and classroom in which your child is enrolled determines how many children are in each class. Please refer to the program link for your child’s program:

Pre-3 Program
3-Year-Old Program (Note: Large Classroom has two teachers)
4K Program (Note: Large Classroom has two teachers)


What is the difference between the one-day, two-day and three-day programs?

The number of days your child attends school depends on the program they are enrolled in. The number of days they attend per week increases with their age. Our Pre-3 Program is available one day per week. Our 3-Year-Old Program is available either one, two or three days per week. Our 4K Program is available two or three days per week. Parents choose which option is best for their child. The weekly curriculum is adapted so that you child will benefit from each class.


Which is better for my child – the small class or the larger one?

There are benefits to both classroom environments. Because there are two teachers in the large classrooms, the student to teacher ratios are the same in either classroom. You know your child better than anyone and therefore will be the best judge as to where your child would be happiest.


Can I tour the facility before I enroll my child?

You are encouraged to tour the facility. Please contact us.


Do you have an Open House?

Yes, Open House occurs in late January.


When do I register?

Open Registration occurs in early February. To be added to the list of our notification letters for the upcoming registration period, please send us an email. We will send you all the details for the upcoming registration. If you are interested in enrolling your child at the Playschool and have missed the open registration, please send us an email or contact the school for the name & phone number of this year’s Vice Chairperson.


What is the process for registration?

Open Registration for new families occurs in February after Open House. Registration is held at the school on a Saturday morning on a first come, first serve basis. New families must register in person. Parents will be able to confirm at Registration the class and time that their child is registered for. A non-refundable $75 family deposit is required at the time of registration. At registration, teacher and health forms will be provided to you. These forms should be returned before school starts in the Fall. Returning families are mailed registration materials and receive priority registration prior to Open House. After Open Registration new families my register via mail.


What are the program costs?

Cost is dependent on the program in which your child is enrolled. Please refer to our tuition schedule. In addition, a non-refundable $75 family deposit is required at the time of registration.


What are my payment options?

Tuition may be paid in annual, semi-annual or quarterly. A $5.00 processing fee is added when quarterly payments are chosen. All tuition payments must be mailed to the Treasurer. For further information on tuition payments, refer to our tuition page.


Do you offer before or after school care?

Greendale Playschool is a preschool which does not provide before or after school care.


Are there field trips?

Each of our classrooms has field trips throughout the school year except for our Pre-3 Program. The Pre-3 class does end the year with a trip to the park.


What is the time frame for the class?

Greendale Playschool operates on an academic school calendar. Classes begin the week of Labor Day and end the week of Memorial Day. Registration takes place in late January for the following academic year. Refer to our school calendar for more information.


My child turns 3 in the winter, can I enroll them after their birthday?

Greendale Playschool is a preschool which operates on the academic school calendar and follows state guidelines regarding admission. Students at Greendale Playschool attend class with their school peer group. Children must be three years old by Sept 1st of the academic year you are registering for to enroll in our 3-Year-Old Program. If you child does not turn three by September 1st, you may enroll your child in our Pre-3 Program if their birthday is prior to November 30th.


After my child’s birthday, do they move up to the next program?

No, each program at Greendale Playschool runs for the academic school year. Your child will stay with the same teacher(s) and classmates for the year.


Can I send my child to school in Pull-ups?

Greendale Playschool requires that all students are using the toilet prior to entering school. Teachers are especially sensitive to children’s need for reminders during the transition to the school environment.